Toll Company Your Premium Specialty Gas Distributor in Duluth

Toll Company is proud to offer a variety of best in class PurityPlus specialty gases in Duluth. If you are searching for speciality gases for laboratory research, environmental testing, gases for the medical industry, gases for food and beverage services, or any other industry that requires tested pure specialty gases Toll Company has the gases available in the Duluth area. Our line of gases are tested to conforming with PurityPlus quality standards. Our quality standards are second to none in the specialty gas world and our laboratory is close by so we can serve the Duluth community.
Toll Company is audited by a independent company yearly to ensure that we meet or exceed industry standards for our specialty gases. On top of that our staff attends regular training classes to guarantee they are current on all processess and manufacturing techniques.
We are proud member of the leading independent specialty gas network in North America. This puts us in the position to offer the best quality specialty gases in Duluth at respectable prices. We pride ourselves on industry leading customer service and work hard to exceed our client’s business needs. Review our quality line of specialty gases in our specialty gas catalog.
Toll Company wants to be the industry leading specialty gas dealer in Duluth. Call us today at 612-581-9889 or contact us today. Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to assist you with any specialty gas product. Toll Company wants to be your trusted partner for specialty gas products.