Minneapolis Industries Seeking Our Specialty Gas Products and Services

Firms in a number of vastly different industries look first to PurityPlus® Specialty Gases essentially because of the certified precision of their manufacture, their easy availability,  and their affordable cost. Providing for such diversity calls for a staff of professionals who know each of these industries well. And that’s what Minneapolis clientele get with Toll Company. Our people are recognized for their industry savvy and their proficiency in advising customers of the ideal gases for their particular tasks, whatever they are. These are the industries we typically serve:

We’ve been providing PurityPlus® gases for a while now, and we’re proud to be included in the PurityPlus® family. Our specialty gas laboratory is completely certified as fulfilling every quality standard PurityPlus® has established. Third-party auditing, ongoing training, and recurring participation in industry seminars ensure that our manufacturing processes are always on the cutting edge and our staff is always up to date on the newest techniques and trends in the various industries we serve.

For a better understanding of what we bring to each of these industries, follow the links and check out the various pages of our website. And to discover how can we accommodate your industry needs, talk with the experts at Toll Company. We stand ready to serve you. Just contact us online or phone us at 612-581-9889. You’ll soon appreciate what our certified purity, local availability, and local service can do for you!