In the Sphere of Specialty Gases, Just What Does PurityPlus® Mean to Minneapolis customers?


The PurityPlus® brand name is, at its heart, a promise – a promise to all of the Minneapolis customers we at Toll Company serve.

What it promises first and foremost is PURITY. After all, to be of any help to the industries that employ them, specialty gases must as pure as they can be, with no quarter given for slip-ups and no need to squander precious time on cross-checking. So how does PurityPlus® guarantee purity? By having our Toll Company facility along with all the rest of its 600 independent partner facilities coast to coast third-party certified annually. And to assure that each facility satisfies the most exacting certification requirements, PurityPlus® invests heavily in keeping all of them immaculate and cutting-edge. That helps ensure the consistent quality of PurityPlus® specialty gases, too, so our gases meet even the most uncompromising job specs, regardless of what the job entails.

Of course, even though purity is primary, the PurityPlus® name promises more than that. Thus the PLUS in PurityPlus®.

The PLUS denotes …

  • Local Availability – through better than 150 partners at those 600 nationwide locations we mentioned above. Toll Company is thrilled to be the PurityPlus® partner serving Minneapolis. Local availability ensures that PurityPlus® specialty gases are quickly available and easily accessible to customers all over. It also ensures on-time delivery and even, when vital, customized “just-in-time” delivery. Our Minneapolis customers will vouch for their confidence in our having the gases they need when they need them – the right gases at the right time to successfully exercise their job functions and complete the tasks at hand.
  • Personalized Attention – from the entire team at Toll Company. Actually, we establish partnerships with our customers that are every bit as strong and rouse just as much of our loyalty as the partnership PurityPlus® has formed with us. Minneapolis customers know they’ll get quick, responsive service as well as the benefit of our technical savvy and consultation wherever and whenever they need it. It helps, undoubtedly, that we task ourselves from the start to understand the technical needs of each and every customer we serve in each and every industry or field of endeavor.
  • Competitive, Sensible Prices – because the PurityPlus® production/distribution network of which we’re a part is a truly well-oiled machine. The efficiency of this network as well as our own local operation is what lets us pass savings on to Minneapolis customers in the form of prices that won’t drain the finances.

If you’d like to learn what PurityPlus® can mean to you in your field, contact Toll Company, your Minneapolis PurityPlus® specialty gas supplier, today.