Toll Company Is Your Specialty Gas Supplier in Minneapolis

We very much appreciate your exploring our website to get the facts on PurityPlus Specialty Gases Everyone at Toll Company is pleased to be part of PurityPlus Gases, the largest network of independent specialty gas producers in North America. We’re delighted, to say the least, with the success we’ve had manufacturing top-grade specialty gases in our local communities to address local needs.

In every respect, our specialty gas facilities are certified as meeting the quality standards issued by PurityPlus. We’re annually audited by a third party. This, and the fact that we periodically take part in training seminars, is what helps us keep our quality performance high. Most plants in our network are ISO 17025-compliant as well.

Each PurityPlus operation has local people delivering  personalized customer service and expert subject-matter help to ensure that your unique needs are properly addressed, your service expectations are exceeded, and you receive your PurityPlus® gases on time every time right here in Minneapolis. After all, what good is a product if it's not available when you most need it?

Just as critical, because we‘re an integral part of your community, we certainly recognize that every local dollar counts. You’ll find that our products are priced competitively. You'll also find that we take the profit coming in to us and reinvest it in our people and our business – which means this community retains every dollar of it.

Certified purity, local availability, and local service: three solid reasons why you can confidently look to Toll Company and PurityPlus for all of your crucial specialty gas applications.

Contact us online today or give us a call at 612-581-9889.